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About Me

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Welcome to Me, My Cakes & Pies! I'm so glad you're here. 


Growing up, I spent a lot of time helping my mom bake goodies in her kitchen. She taught me (almost) everything I know about baking and decorating. I must have spent hundreds of hours in the kitchen pursuing my passion for sweet treats. And it's that same passion that now fuels this company.​ 

I currently serve the greater St. Louis area., offering custom-made sugar cookies, cakes, pies & more! To see my full menu of items, please visit the Menu page.

Disclaimer: Me, My Cakes & Pies operates out of my home as a Cottage Food Operation under Missouri Senate Bill No. 525. You can read more about the bill here. Under this law, the items I make are not subject to inspection by the state or local health department. However, I take every precaution to ensure my food is safe for consumption. Feel free to Contact Me with any questions!

About Me


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